Zoom Stefan Janoski SB

The Nike Zoom Stefan Janoski SB shoes are here. Nike SB introduces only its second addition to the SB pro shoe family and one of the few shoes they make with a vulcanized sole. Stefan says he stayed away from a lot of excess padding around the toes & heels, keeping it as minimal as possible without hurting your feet. Check out the commercial & pick up a pair from Active here!

Ohh yeah… & they’ll improve your switch skating!


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  1. Too Expensive! says:

    They are pretty cool shoes, but the shoes are just at an unbelievable price!! Am I the only one who thinks so? 75?? Well, its Nike SB… but compare them to the Forte from Fallen and its more than 20 dollars diff… Please, lower your prices SB!!

  2. Scott Larock says:

    You must pay to rock the swoooosh! Sick shoes though, I’d say the quality is a little better than a Fallen Forte.

  3. Andrew says:


  4. al3x says:

    emerica reynolds cruisers are wayy sicker than than these nike’s!

    they are pretty cool though

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