Long Beach P Rod Signing & Proof Video Premiere Photos

Paul Rodriguez came out to Active Long Beach to sign autographs for hundreds, get his photo taken over a hundred times, and to celebrate the premiere of Proof which Paul produced. The film is by Nigel Alexander and it features skaters such as Torey Pudwill, Terell Robinson, Chaz Ortiz, and a bunch of up and comers that had great parts. You can buy your copy of Proof online now… See you at one of the other premieres!

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  1. anthony says:

    i was in the el torito pic
    the floor was cumfy pic
    and the cattle drive pic

    i kinda stand out

  2. Prizzilla Espinoza says:

    i was at the signing for 7 hours and i my lil bro and i got to talk to Jason Wakazua

  3. lexy says:

    wow prizzilla you were at that for seven hours…..

  4. lexy says:

    hey prizzilla…

  5. lexy says:

    to bad i didnt to go

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