Ask Mike Carroll YOUR Questions!

UPDATE 9/15- Carroll Answers YOUR Questions here

Ask Mike Carroll

Mike Carroll is the next skater to answer YOUR questions about whatever you’d like to get answered. If you’re lucky, he’ll pick your question and answer it for you on camera right here on hbsurfshop.com You have until June 30th to get your questions in and we will post the video of Carroll’s answers soon thereafter.

Mike will also pick his favorite question and that person will win a package from all of his sponsors. Good luck!

**Make sure you submit your correct email address, as to be notified if you are the winner**

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  1. Jeremy says:

    When you first started Girl were there a bunch of people who you didn’t know like, all the sudden know you? Like as if you won the lotto or somthing?

  2. Raul says:

    dude , how is it being pro?
    is it a pain in the ass or do you like your career?
    give a shout out too MIKE MO!

  3. Fox Glavan says:

    hey mike, as a bisiness was it hard starting your own company, and any advice me friend and i are trying to start our own.

  4. victor says:

    whats the the best story you have from skating EMB in the 90s?

  5. victor says:

    nevermind my other question. can i please have that package?

  6. Roberto orozco says:

    Hey mike I was just wondering how Beeing pro has affected u is it hard to balance out life with tours family and skating. Oh and I was wondering if u could help me out on something when u were a kid getting into skateboarding did u practice one trick everyday until u got it or did u do like a bunch together cuz I’m having troubled balncing out tricks I’m worried I might forget one if I learn another one

  7. M@Rk says:

    WAZ SUPPZ MiKe I WaNtEd 2 AsK ThaT “When U WErE YouNG aNd BarelY StArTed SkAtIng thAT If U LeaRnEd TrIcKz QuIcKly Because I HAvE A FriEnd ThaT LeArNz Tricks QuIcKly But 4 Me It TakEs me Sum TimE nD I HavE BEen sKATiN LonGeR DaN HIM? DO U ThInK I CaN StIll BeCome a Good SkatEr EvEn tho It Takez me long 2 learn a trick?

  8. Chris Rosner says:

    Hey Mike, just wondering how you can manage being a professional skater with the struggles everyone else goes through each day in life?

  9. Eli Rose says:

    how did you meet that chick back in the day that like stayed at your place and i think she gave you the clap, im not sure, just wondering

  10. finn says:

    do you ever look pick up a skateboard magazine….flip through and realize how gay the skate industry has gotten?

  11. nick c says:

    would you rather bang the hottest guy in the world or an ugly chick

  12. kieran says:

    if all guys on girl got a sexchange who would be the hottest?

  13. john havrilla says:

    Are you pissed that Koston quit Lakai?

  14. Miguel says:

    Hey Mike, you’re one of my biggest inspirations in the world of skateboarding, you’re the bee’s knees. My question is: Why hasn’t Jeff Lenoce had a pair of pro-shoes on LAKAI?

  15. Fernando says:

    how would you describe your hair cut? {laugh} kidding!
    what motivated you to go skate before you were pro, am, or even sponsored?

  16. Ryan says:

    How do you and Alex Olson get along being that u guys are alot alike? Also how do u feel about him always wearing Vans when he skates for Lakai?

  17. Connie says:

    How did it feel to skate for Rocco back in the day and did u have any crazy times back in the skatepark/warehouse that all u guys stayed in?

  18. what is your beverage of choice on a nice skate session?

  19. DeathwishSkater says:

    when was the last time you got some lovin?ahahaahah

  20. umar says:

    how did you feel about losing to mike mo in battle of the berrics

  21. HATER says:

    What company/ies is your favorite..after GIRL ofc… AND WHY

  22. Alex says:

    Yo man how do you feel towards Eric Koston now that he left Lakai and went to Nike? Do you think he left because of Nike’s mainstream business or did you guys like irritate him a bit?

  23. Anthony says:

    How do you picture skateboarding being like in about 5 years since the skateboarding industry is having a lot of ups and downs lately?

  24. [...] and I stopped by Mike Carroll’s pad asked him a bunch of your questions.  I’ve filmed a few of these now and it’s crazy to sit on so much interesting footy [...]

  25. Dustin Graves says:

    What are the best tips on becoming a professional skater. Coming from your past experiences. My English teacher is actually standing over my shoulder right now . So give my some tips PLEASE, why not check out my video on youtube “DG skating” second video in the column. If you could i would appreciate an email to shanecross4eva@aim.com Thank You !

  26. gary says:

    what is your opinion about your friend koston leaving your company for nike

  27. d-RODD says:



  28. raymond says:

    can you smile in a picture for me?

  29. wesley says:

    what was you favorite skateboard youve had

  30. James says:

    do you look normal naked?

  31. Owen says:

    Have you ever seen an asian football player?

  32. edwardchoi says:

    hey mike caroll are u the team leader for lakia im jus wondering because in final falered i jus saw only u take the most of the time

  33. do you like men cause i dont hmmmmmmmm are you a girl i would like you to be

  34. stephan sagutch says:

    mike, do u play xbox 360 online?? and if u do, do u got skate 2?

  35. Kyle says:

    What inspired you to create girl with Rick Howard in the first place?

  36. beer says:

    how do you manage to create unique products when we’re living in a world full of mark ass biters and fake ass tricks. and do you ever do any biting of your own?

  37. GiRL4LiF3! says:

    hey mike (^_^) i’ve got 2 or rather 3 questions: first off, What do you think of skateboarding now with all these new kids getting in the game?
    Second, since the company is called GIRL skateboards do you think any girl skaters could get on or is it not enough girls skate for that to happen?
    Third, If girls did skate for GIRL skateboards, what would you expect from them as far as working to become pro?
    well thanks and give a shout out to Malto for me!

  38. paul says:

    what wheels do u ride and what size .

  39. Jake Jones says:

    hey mike, why does everyone hate kids so much?

  40. Jake Jones says:

    Hey mike its me again, whatever happend to richardo Calvalho and Mike York?

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