Wishful Thinking- A Christmas Wishlist Giveaway!

We will be picking winners all month!!! So be sure to get those wish lists turned in!!

Here’s your chance to win everything you’ve ever wanted from Active! (Well, 250 dollars worth…) Starting November 26th, we will be picking a winner every week until Christmas. To enter, all you have to do is simply add a bunch of products to your wishlist and email it to santa@hbsurfshop.com If your wishlist is picked, you’ll win $250 worth of any product you want.

So click on the photo, checkout the video, and start wishing!


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  1. christy says:

    this is a great thing you guys are doing

  2. xavier says:

    u should make another video

  3. xavier says:

    i need a baker realy bad my board snapped

  4. xavier says:

    wow o wow o wow o wow o wow o wow o wow o wow that was funny hahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah gaaaaaayyyyyy boy

  5. Franky Ruvalcaba says:

    I need 2 win this!:(

  6. hernan says:

    i gota win this

  7. you guys need to pray that pick me

  8. dennis says:

    how do i send the wishlist to the email?

  9. Scott Larock says:

    For directions, click the link above… 1. Find something you like & click Add to Wishlist, 2. Login or Create an Account, 3. Add more stuff 4. View Wishlist & Click email a friend, email santa@hbsurfshop.com & 3 other friends or family… 5. GO SKATE!

  10. Warrick Burkholder says:

    I really love crispy chicken nuggets.

  11. stevie scales says:

    how many can you make?

  12. Scott Larock says:

    Make as many as you like.

  13. robby g says:

    Who won the first one??

  14. ethan peck says:

    Wow, Active is really generous these days, I wish i could get a new deck. I’m 13 and I skated daily and i have a black label board that has chips everywhere and i’m the only person out of my friends that can kickflip high on it, imagine if I got a new deck!!!

  15. kevin says:

    i won this

  16. siam says:

    yep…Kevin won this one this week… who’s next???

  17. Carl says:

    good luck-merry xmas

  18. jason says:

    I hope you guys choose me

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