Win Theotis’s Kit!

Congradulations to Dean Bertram from Rancho Cucamonga California!!! He won Theotis’s kit!!!

Do you like Theotis Beasley’s sponsors as much as he does? Well here’s your chance to win a bunch of gear from Spitfire, Skullcandy, Thunder, Nike SB, Bones, Altamont, Ashbury, and Baker

Just click on the image below and enter to win… GOOD LUCK!!

Contest ends November 30th.



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  1. Francisco says:

    link doesnt even wrk =/ got excited for nothing..lol

  2. Scott Larock says:

    Link works now :)

  3. FUZZ says:


  4. caelan says:

    how many times can u register an entry

  5. christy says:

    i really need new gear

  6. Lyn B. says:

    Link ain’t working!!! Help?

  7. bina e says:

    still not working , wth

  8. Warrick Burkholder says:

    I really love you!
    Send money to 916 N. Tuckahoe Rd and you will make the world a better place!

  9. Clayton says:

    Great prizes !

  10. I am a email subscriber
    I am a google follower

  11. jane jakins says:

    great contest

  12. Ellen C says:

    Nice prize pack!

  13. Liz C says:


  14. marc woronoff says:

    win all

  15. William Watkins says:

    let me win

  16. Shirley W says:

    nice prize

  17. Michael says:

    i wANT

  18. Eva Mack says:

    to win

  19. Peter Aguirre says:


  20. Agustin Lopez says:

    huh, strange but cool

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