Stefan Janoski Shoe Release Party Photos

Nike SB threw Stefan Janoski a So Cal gala in celebration of his new shoe. There were burlesque dancers, dancers with snakes, fine foods, free drinks, and tons of friends and supporters of Stefan in the house. The party was held at the Edison in Los Angeles and some of the people who came out to the event were: Lance Mountain, Geoff Rowley, Arto Saari, Omar Salazar, and many others. Nike even has the band Danielson play and they were an amazing addition to the festivities. Check out the photos and check out Transworld’s coverage of the event. Thanks to Nike SB and Congrats to Stefan… Buy his shoe!

Photos: Erica Yary

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  1. Bubs says:

    Mulder bolts

  2. Scott LaRock says:

    Ya Mulder bolts… looking steezy for sheezy… Richard come skate the mini already! (in case you didn’t know Richard Mulder completely shreds tranny!!)

    P.S. http://www.heelbruise.com/

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