Skate Mental Contest!

We Have A Winner!!!

Congratulations to Scott DeYager from Long Beach California!!!


Be on the look out for a box of goodies comin’ your way courtesy of Skate Mental and Active!

Brad Staba wants to give you something… but I’m not really sure what?? I guess that depends on how good (or bad) your designs are for this Skate Mental contest. Basically, you just have to come up with a board graphic for them… You might win something, you might not. Haha…It’s totally up to Brad. :)


Just click HERE or on the image below for the template and official rules. All entries must be submitted to contest@hbsurfshop.com or you can print out your design and mail it to:

network 12087  Landon Drive Mira Loma, CA 91752 Attn: SIAM

The deadline to submit your designs is August 12th.


Shop Skate Mental here:


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  1. CHACO MVLK says:

    Just wondering why are there two boards… is it to design two graphics or is it top and bottom?

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  3. Fifty says:

    When is the deadline???

  4. siam says:

    oh…no, it’s just two templates… design however many you want. Top and bottom or just the bottom…or just the top…your choice!!

    and the deadline is August 12th

  5. Dav says:

    I m from Paris(france).
    Can i submit graphics or it s just an American contest??
    Thanx. :)

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  7. Kupono says:

    Hey, do i have to print out the templates ?

  8. rufus barkley says:

    what is the exact street address on there i dont think the street name is posted on there

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  10. HeySup says:

    can the design be done on photoshop?

  11. Lewis says:

    My email keeps failing to send. Any idea why this may be?

  12. Lewis says:

    I’m sending it from Scotland could that have anything to do with it?

  13. alex howard says:

    Hell ya Siam! Keep these contests going man! Ima get on another design cranked outta the ol Dark Factory! Anything this skater digs on personally, whens the dead-line?

  14. siam says:

    the deadline is August 12th… The weirder, dumber, funnier, stupid-er…the better!!

  15. kenny says:

    if we mail it does there have to be a return adress???

  16. diego says:

    do u have to draw it on the templates that it shows

  17. siam says:

    you can… or whatevs…just send it over..the contest ends on the 12th!

  18. kenny says:

    ok siam i just gave it to the post office so if you can can you tell when you get it?

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  20. tmb says:

    when will the weiner be chosen?

  21. diego says:

    when will tge winners be chosen????

  22. siam says:

    Hey guys… all the entries were sent over to Skate Mental… Brad’s going to check them out and pick his favorite. As soon as i hear from him, you’ll hear from me… :)Thanks again to everyone who entered!!

  23. Dqm says:

    when will you guys choose the winner?

  24. siam says:

    (Dqm)… i sent all the entries to Brad last week… he said he’ll let me know… hopefully this week!

  25. bms says:

    hey siam, i sent my last two entries through an email and im not sure if they were recieved is the anyway you could tell me if you got them. i don’t want to draw another picture if you didnt even get the last ones for whatever reason

  26. siam says:

    (bms) ya… what were they of? or what name did they come under??

  27. bms says:

    One was a weiner dog with, and the other was a hand and a foot on a plate. and the name was bradley saine

  28. propa says:

    Hey, I mailed my graphic two days before the original deadline and i was just wondering if you received it in time? or should i resend it? it was sent U S priority mail, and the graphic was burn on to a CD.

  29. Tavis says:

    Do I get an email confirming that my design was received?

  30. siam says:

    (tavis)… i can send you an email if you want…what was the name?

    (propa) ya i got em! i put them on the computer and took a screen shot of them and sent them over…

    the contest won’t end until after this weekend, then Brad will pick someone..

  31. Tavis says:

    Siam, the name is Tavis Redmond. I just sent the email a few minutes ago… I also asked in the email if you would respond.


  32. CHACO MVLK says:

    Hey Siam, I was wondering if you got my design… I sent it in real late last night, sorry about that, thanks.

  33. siam says:

    i got it! i’m sending them to Brad today… he should pick a winner this week.

  34. Tavis says:

    Just wondering if you got mine as well. Never got that email.

    Thanks :)

  35. kane gonzalez says:

    that board ***** sucks ass, my design ***** on it

  36. kane gonzalez says:

    that board f u ck en sucks ass, my design s h i ts on it.

  37. siam says:

    (kane)your spelling is awful…

  38. Ryan says:

    There is soo much to say about the winning deck and those who chose this extremely clever, corporate logo for ” Brad Staba’s wacky, non-conformist skateboard company”.

    Here is what could have been.


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