Nike SB Stefan Janoski Black Mint - Sneak Peek

Nike SB is taking the new Stefan Janoski shoe to the “Tiffany Diamond” Black/Mint colorway. The shoe features a suede upper with a stitched swoosh and a vulcanized sole. The stitching is in the “Tiffany” color with a mint outsole as well. These shoes are fire! Check them out…what do you think about them?

These will be released in August 2010 and available right here at Active Ride Shop.


Shop Nike SB here:


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  1. Luis says:

    What’s with everyone labeling every shoe “tiffany”. They’re black/mint. Don’t start another hype.

  2. ... says:


  3. TheRealJasper says:


  4. Andy BABY says:

    Basically, they just have a bit of green on them. I don’t see what the big hype is about.

  5. Max says:

    hm… another $80 shoe? nawwww i’ll pass.

  6. davy says:

    luis you’re a hypebeast what u talking about

  7. Josh says:

    Just color the white swoosh “mint” color and your set.

  8. Aaron says:


  9. cody says:

    omg those are sexy!
    im getting those for back to school(:

  10. sneakabeast says:

    I’m getting 9 trillion pairs of these

  11. Dale m says:

    Once my teacher(Mr. Dickens) in 8th grade said that,”Stephan Janoskey is a hype beast and is never going to make it anywear in skeighting?” eye told him to go take a flying leap.

  12. 35 says:

    hey shut the **** up let people do what they want

  13. ya boii says:

    Dude hese are hecka tight im gettin em first thing

  14. Sam says:

    how come every size is sold out?

  15. siam says:

    …because they haven’t come out yet… we’ll get them by 8/15…

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