Free HUF Stuff

It’s easy… and it’s free… and it’s HUF! Click the image and enter to win. Good Luck!


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  1. juan romero says:

    yah huf son, billy mcfeeley

  2. Thomas Loper says:

    I wanna win

  3. john oriente says:

    Huf rocks!

  4. Tyler's lost Brixton hat says:

    my poppy loves HUF… I still long for the day when I can be reunited with daddy, oh how i loved keeping his head warm and stylish! Father have you given up the search for me??? It’s cold out here, being a slightly worn Brixton hat with no owner to call my own… FIND ME!!!! PLEASE:(

  5. Dylan P says:

    pick me i could use some supplies

  6. Derek says:

    yo active wen will u post the winner? and is there any more upcoming contests?

  7. Scott Larock says:

    Right now we are giving away a $200 gift card, just take this survey… http://people.hbsurfshop.com/online-survey-and-a-free-200-gift-card-2

    Shortly after we will be starting some more giveaways!

  8. Solo...3 says:

    Huf is dope A.F!

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