Ask The Pros with Leo Romero

Thanks for the questions! We will be filming the answers on Thursday April 7th… STAY TUNED!!

If you’ve seen the new Thrasher mag, then you probably read all the interesting questions all the Pro’s got to ask Leo Romero

Well, we figured you guys probably got some interesting questions of your own! So here’s your chance… ask Leo anything you want! His favorite question will win some cool RVCA clothing!

All questions must be submitted by March 31st.


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  1. Taylor Mock says:

    how do you approach those gigantic handrails, do you just go for it or is there some technique to make it a little less intimidating? p.s. your skating is fricken gnar!

  2. droid says:

    BB king or T-bone walker?
    and where is the most exotic place you’ve ever been?

  3. humms says:

    random question, but do you wear your own RVCA signature jeans or someone elses

  4. tyler says:

    Hey leo what was your favorite trick in Misled Youth? and in Stay Gold?

  5. Andy says:

    Why do you always carry a knife with you? :o

  6. Mijo says:

    Hey Leo, what color are your socks??

  7. kevin alvarado says:

    Leo do you still smoke weed?

  8. Josh Wiltz says:

    What do you do when you are injured?

  9. Pedro Cortez says:

    Do you have any skateboard tattoos? If so how many and when did you get each one?

  10. Frederic Schneider says:

    why do you skate for RVCA and do you think they give you the right support for skating.

  11. Nik says:

    What do you think about when you’re about to do a really big set or handrail?

  12. Gary S. says:

    When are you going post a epic Railfail on youtube & go on Tosh.0 for a web redemption? needs to happen.

  13. Enrique Robledo says:

    If i buy your pro model and I get myself a knife do you think i can be the next SOTY?

  14. Flemur says:

    What’s it like to travel the world with skaters like Andrew Reynolds and Jerry Hsu and what’s life like on the road?

  15. Aditya says:

    what do you think of when you do the last trick in staygold? (50-50 down up rail 90 degree) 95!

  16. Scruffy says:

    when was your first gay experience?

  17. Marius Bakke Petersen says:

    How is it to own your own burger shop? it must be rad. How do you like prepare for a day of skating?

  18. tony says:

    Why do cats eat fur balls?
    You:I don’t know
    Because they love a good gag!

  19. joesph says:

    what got you into skating and what drives you to keep doing it?

  20. Tod says:

    do you fell safe with all the guns you own

  21. Horny Lauren says:

    Why did you show up Heath on that gap out noseblunt at the end of your stay gold part?

  22. Nureldin says:

    If you could play anybody a game of skate who would it be?

  23. raul marquez says:


  24. Arturo says:

    Can you say, you fulfilled a dream of yours?

  25. Sam says:

    Are you gay?

  26. Kenny Powers says:

    How do you skate so gnarly without getting serious injuries? Seriously, I’ve been skating for about 10 years and it’s just injury after injury for me on lots of stupid things. What do you do to prepare yourself when you skate? If these questions don’t get answered then it’s cool but your skateboarding is amazing! Congrats on skater of the year, you deserve it!!

  27. Ricardo Lozano says:

    Leo, so I saw that you like all the cowboy western stuff, does that inspire your skateboarding?

  28. Chris Patraw says:

    Hey leo, have you ever gone cow-tipping?

  29. Jacob Vargas says:

    When you were growing up, were you always taking chances or did always worry about falling.

  30. Jackie M says:

    What’s your favorite trick and what skateboard would you use it on?

  31. John P says:

    were you there when reynolds left atiba hanging?

  32. Liz . Z says:

    What’s the best place you ever skated on?

  33. dereck says:

    turkey, beef or chicken?

    another, whats your favorite shoe to skate besides your shoes and why?

  34. Aaron says:

    I know this might sound stupid, but do sometimes rather take a slam then do the trick ?

  35. Aaron says:

    I know this might sound stupid, but do you sometimes rather take a slam then do the trick ?

  36. Aaron says:

    Were you, no how drunk were you when you did that cariokie song cause it was ****** tight Leo for American Idol !!

  37. Aaron says:

    Do you always try to show up cory kennedy, because you two seem to always be the ones skating the hardest or are you just hot dogging !

  38. francisco says:

    what made you want to open a resturant of your own?

  39. Michael S, says:

    Growing up in Fontana, was the skate scene there a lot different then it is now?

  40. greyson galeotti says:

    i love you? wait i already know the answer to that one….MEDIOCRE

  41. dave galeotti says:

    why cant you just grow a manly ’stache like me?

  42. rachel ramirez says:

    how old were you when you found out i am your father? oh… wait… you still havent found out yet

  43. Jean says:

    Would you consider yourself a protest singer? How many protest singers are there out there today? Do you care about the songs you sing?

  44. Dakotah says:

    Tampons of pads?

  45. Ernesto says:

    hav u ever been to santa ana skatepark?

  46. evan says:

    whats your favorite?
    up or down rails?

  47. evan says:

    do you like being pro?

  48. jake g. says:

    how many eskimos have you blown up in the past century?

  49. Eder says:

    hey leo………..that goes through your head when doing a trick and people will applaud?

  50. Hey man, What´s your opinion about Dylan Rieder, as a skater and a human being, would you like to have him as a teammate, and play against him in battle at the berrics 5?. What´s your favorite Bob Dylan song?

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