Leo Romero - Day in the Life

Wanna know what Leo does on a day-to-day basis? We sure as hell did! So we followed him around for the day and he let us film it…

Check it out…

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  1. R V C A says:

    [...] off, here’s the day in the life that the good people at Active made. You’re [...]

  2. [...] off, here’s the day in the life that the good people at Active made. You’re [...]

  3. networkEmployee799 says:

    leo leo leo

  4. aaron says:

    leo’s so raw!!!!

  5. [...] Day in the Life Guns, knives, skateboarding and adventure, just an average day in the life of Spitfire Rider Leo Romero today over at active, And while you’re there you can ask Thunder rider Ed Templeton anything [...]

  6. FuCk ZorK says:

    @Zork, why the **** are you watching this then if your just gonna post that its gay? I’ve been sitting here thinking for 13 hours about what to say to you and i’ve come up with this… YOUR THE ONE THATS GAY ZORK! Yeah… so there, take that. betch

  7. [...] Day In The Life that Leo filmed for Active is up on its site. Or just watch the embed [...]

  8. chyeaahhh says:

    some doucher at eldo got gnarted out. and leo said **** that guy.
    leo should have beat the **** out of that hippie

  9. Scott Larock says:

    A little kitty Cat told me Leo was getting SOTY in 2010… ??? !!!

  10. doga says:

    does anyone know from whom the songs are in leo’s day in a life?

  11. john says:

    hahaha dude the guy that talks for leo in the begining is a homie from spruce park

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