Trash for Cash!

I cleaned out my closet the other night and, by the end of it, I had a huge trash bag of unwanted clothes.  Instead of tossing them in the trash, I decided to head down to Buffalo Exchange in downtown Fullerton.  Buffalo Exchange is a consignment store that buys and sells used clothes, accessories and shoes.  So, your “trash” can simply become someone else’s “treasure.”  After class, I hauled my old clothes over there and hoped for a couple of bucks.  I ended up walking away with $66 dollars!  I found some cute feather clips and a vintage looking tee and now I’m off to go shop at active event with the rest of the moolah (scroll down to see the new Fall items I just picked up at Active!)!

Next time you’re thinking about throwing away some of your old clothes, think again!  Take a trip down to Buffalo Exchange - I promise it’ll be worth it.

Buffalo Exchange

Buffalo Exchange

Buffalo Exchange
Buffalo Exchange

I even found this super cool old Active Tee!

Here are some of my favorite fall items that I picked up today at Active!

Buffalo Exchange

Almost Time Hoodie by Timing

Buffalo Exchange

Echo Mountain Crew by Obey

Buffalo Exchange

China Rose Satchel by Obey

Be sure to stop by any Active location and check out all fall items from brands like Obey, Volcom, RVCA, and more.

Till then!


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  1. Faggot says:

    Or, you can donate like your clothes and be a decent human being.

  2. marie raymundo says:

    Thanks for keeping the other clothes to send to the Philippines..You will make some people and family happy. :) I know you’re a decentan resourceful and responsible human being :)

  3. TylerStrawn says:

    I love buffalo!!!! Get it girl!! Get it Get t Girl!! You me and Ian should grab lunch sometime and go shoping! you know like a Girls day!!!!

  4. soft hate says:

    Wack taking down comments! This Blog is H.G. SOFT!!!

  5. soft hate says:

    Soft Hate. Soft Hate. Soft Hate. Soft Hate. I own you all.

  6. tyler's lost Brixton hat says:

    papa I miss u!!! how could you leave me at FYF fest!!! we were so good together, like peanut butter and jelly, ham and swiss

  7. tyler's lost Brixton hat says:

    some big man is wearing me all over the city… im afriad! come look for me. do you not love me anymore? have you found another (hat)? it smells over here.

  8. tyler's lost Brixton hat says:

    i think i have lice

  9. joe blow says:

    not gunna hold me down

  10. joe blow says:

    my trash never turns to cash…. katrina can you teach me how?

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