A snowboarding film by Scotty Wittlake with riders Bryan Fox from Nitro Snowboards, and as well as crew riders like Curtis Ziseck, Austin Smith, Temple Cummins, Matt Edgars, and Blair Habenicht.  This is one AMAZING movie you don’t want to miss out on! Check it out at Wedrinkwater.com.



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Active stock video, and similarly, archive footage, library pictures, and file footage is film or video footage that can be used again in other films. Stock footage is beneficial to filmmakers as it saves shooting new material. A single piece of stock footage is called a "stock shot" or a "library shot". stock video Hawaii may have appeared in previous productions but may also be outtakes or footage shot for previous productions and not used. Examples of stock video that might be utilized are moving images of cities and landmarks.

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    So legit!

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