Holiday Hot Dogs and Hessians Skate Park Tour

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Hot Dogs and Hessians Skate Park Tour 2009. It’s all about bringing the stoke to the locs!

Nov. 19th – Active Temecula 5pm 29720 Rancho California Rd., Temecula, CA 92591

Nov. 20th – Buena Park Skate Park 5pm 7725 El Dorado Dr., Buena Park, CA 90620

Dec. 3rd – Long Beach El Dorado Skate Park 5pm 2800 N Studebaker Rd., Long Beach, CA 90815

Dec. 4th – Compton Skate Park 5pm 123 North Rose Ave Compton, CA 90221

Dec. 10th - Laguna Hills Skate Park 5pm 25555 Alicia Parkway, Laguna Hills, CA 92653

Dec. 11th – East L.A. Belvedere Skate Park 5pm 203 N. Mednik Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90022

Dec. 17th – Jurupa Pedley Skate Park 5pm 4810 Pedley Rd., Glen Avon, CA 92509

Dec. 18th – West Covina Skate Park 5pm 1615 West Merced Ave., West Covina, CA 91790

Warning!! Persons may be subject to head banging and free hot dogs!! Best trick contests are a must, so get ready to bring your best!! Winners take all!


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  1. dubcbread says:

    dub c!

  2. Zach says:

    stoked!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BETTER BRING out some CHILI!!!!!!

  3. Blancos says:

    Chili for sure!!

  4. Pizzie says:

    WEST CO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. dj says:

    **** YEAH west co is gonna be sick down

  6. Pizzie says:

    **** IT

  7. Ryan The Lion says:


  8. WEST CO! says:


  9. BPSP Jake says:

    i got the best trick fur shur at the buena park one.

  10. locdoggy says:

    there arent lights at buena park skate park?? how will it work

  11. ccady says:

    We’ll bring lights!

  12. Justin Gainey says:

    Defianatly will be at the buena park!

  13. Nikonbot says:

    gonna take pictures of the event.

  14. Lawrence says:

    What if it rains?

  15. Yeee…..im going to West Covina…im down!

  16. sheengow says:

    went to laguna hills last thurs @ 5 but no one from active ever showed

  17. blancos says:

    Lucha Luke showed, but had to shake a tail from the secret service before he arrived, so it kept him a little behind. Sorry you missed it, but this is skateboarding, not always an excact science.

  18. Listoooo.. says:

    west co fasho 2 crack..
    imma go eat sum bomb hot dogs thats forsureeee

  19. jordan hernandez says:


  20. jordan hernandez says:

    wescooooo skatepark

  21. LCB says:

    This isn’t happening this year? :(

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