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network is running a promotion with Armor For Sleep for some awesome prizes and the band was nice enough to answer some questions for us. Don’t forget to enter the contest!

Top 5 Favorite Bands:

Nirvana, Radiohead, Nine Inch Nails, Saves The Day, At The Drive In

Top 5 Favorite Places to Play:

Starland Ballroom in NJ, The Metro in Chicago, Chain Reaction in Orange County, Irving Plaza in NYC, Emo’s in Austin

5 Things You Can’t Live on Tour Without:

My Macbook, my PSP, my ugly dolls, my Batman blanket, EZ Mac

Best Ways to Pass Time on Tour:

Knit sweaters for folks back home, read bad Stephen King books, play Cradle of Filth for the kids in line for the shows, find a Starbucks in every city, nap a lot

Top 5 Live Shows Everyone Must See:

Saves The Day, Captured By Robots, Melt Banana, BANE, Set Your Goals

Favorite Movies to Watch on Tour:

Dark City, Dead Silence, Lost Highway, Grandma’s Boy, Reno 911 Miami

Top 5 Favorite Clothing Brands:

Hurley, Diesel, Foundation, H&M, Roxy

What do you have coming up in the next few months?

We will be embarking on the Projekt Revolution tour this summer. We’re very excited about this. Until we leave we will be working on new songs and enjoying spring time in New Jersey. Oh so lovely.

Do you have any advice for people who want to be a musician for a living?

My advice would just be to understand the nature of being in a band.

My friend calls it The Great Funnel. You put in a large amount of love and effort, and what you get out of it sometimes seems like a tiny fraction of what you’ve put into it. This isn’t for the faint of heart.

If you aren’t obsessed with being creative and if you don’t have something to say, it’s probably is not for you. That being said, if you know you must do it, there will be nothing that can stop you.


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  1. Cameron says:

    Gayest Band Ever!!!

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