What’s your Favorite Shoe Brand?

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  1. al3x says:

    Emerica fasho!

  2. wtf says:

    emerica get the highest vote so active will probably get more nikes and stupid streetwear!!!!!

  3. pip says:

    they need ice creams on here…

  4. xveganx says:

    **** NIKE! all they’re doing is stealing from real skate shoe companies that have been making skate shoes from day 1..why do so called skaters support these sport shoe brands! i’ve been around long enough to have seen this happen several times before always with the same result…sports shoe companies get into skating (nike,converse (owned by nike),reebok etc) they make a nice bit of profit on it,then when the sales start to drop off they ditch the whole thing and drop the team…in the meantime several real skate shoe companies suffer or go under because kids were buying the “trendy” new shoes…SUPPORT SKATEBOARDING BUY SKATE SHOES.

  5. Justice says:

    I totally agree with xveganx
    Nike is just in skateboarding because they think it is the next hot thing. who would you rather buy a shoe from, Some rich asain guy overseas at the nike corporation that has never even steped foot on a skateboard or the company that is runed by the skateboarders for the skateboarders. People who buy nike sb shoes are really ruining skateboarding because they are putting all the real skate shoes companys out of buisness. you may think nike has the best team and videos but only because they bought them. They bought chris ray off trasnworld to film debacle they bought koston off lakai.Nike is truly degrading skateboarding for their own profit. I say we take a stand and put are money into a shoe company that is run by skateboards like emerica, lakai,etc. the true shoes company that do one thing and one thing only make SKATE shoes. Its up to you to decide if you want to keep the real skate shoe companies around.

  6. Zach B says:

    Lakai , nike sb and Supra

  7. wat u do Kuh... says:

    nike sb may be new….but every company was new at one time or another…nikes have some of the best grip out there and their shoes last forever!

  8. jlopezissick says:

    anything from sti kicks balls

  9. Ronnie Nim says:

    dont matter if nike sb isnt 100% skateboarding and started as a skateboard company, nike sb wont loose their customers

  10. Damain says:

    emarica all the way yo


    dammit i think a good old fashioned new balance shoe is a great skate shoe

  12. Zach Drost says:

    emerica *******

  13. Zach Ogren says:

    Though they don’t make em anymore, Reynolds ****** lights for the win!

  14. WILLIAM says:


  15. Richard Virginia says:

    I like mark Gonzales. Just sayin.

  16. Kleptomaniacs says:

    Why do people flame JUST Nike? Why are you guys so brand-centric? Converse, Puma, adidas and Nike are some of the corporate companies that have all gotten a chunk from the Industry, yet it all sums up towards the swoosh? btw, Nike began their own skate line earlier than any of the other corporate brands, but like I said, everyone takes in on the swoosh!!!

  17. Kleptomaniac Jr. says:

    adidas and nike, go ahead call me a kook

  18. RickySonn!! says:

    Hey **** you all who say Nike sb is killing the real skate shoe companies, but have you ever skated a dunk mid? They are some steezy ass skate shoes and they also last a long time. Shoe companies like lakai and soltech aren’t gonna go out of business because of Nike, so shut up you rebel wannabees

  19. matt says:

    puma what the hell

  20. doobieXpert says:


  21. tyler says:

    i picked globe, etnies, and emerica. globe only because i have a sponsor with them but etnies are the best ever

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