The Hundreds X Garfield Collab

The Hundreds are known for their collabs, whether it’s with Disney, Diamond, 10 Deep, or any other company. This collab is no different. The people at the The Hundreds have made some legit tees, beanies, hats, sweaters, and more with everyone’s favorite comic strip character…Garfield. Below is a sneek peek at some of the logos they have created.  We should be getting these sometime in mid November, so stay posted!!



To Shop all Hundreds Products. Click the banner below.


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  1. a13x says:

    not reallly feelin the hundreds

  2. MickeyD says:

    bad collabo choice…

  3. Ashy Lary says:

    at the end of the day it’s still a garfield tee.

  4. shat1 says:

    ya well you know what?! its still fresh. people will still buy it. haters can eat it…..

  5. Ethan says:

    If you buy or support this, you are pathetic. This has to be the corniest thing ever conceived. If anyone doubted before, this is the wake up call. (Oh, and **** shat1(bobby).)

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