Ryan Sheckler Signing 12/18

Ryan Sheckler Signing at Active HB

Ryan Sheckler is helping Active celebrate the Grand Opening of Active Huntington Beach along with his sponsors Etnies, Plan B and Oakley. Next Thursday, December 18th, at 6pm, Ryan will be signing at the store. Enjoy $10 off all Etnies shoes and $34.99 Plan B Decks 12/18 at Active HB only! Make sure you arrive early cause the last one there’s a rotten egg!

network Huntington Beach - The Strand - 155 5th Street, Suite 111 - Huntington Beach, CA 92648 - 714.500.0010



  1. Justin says:

    Hate Sheckler

  2. Marcelo says:

    Why waste time to go see a jerk

  3. Cameron says:

    This is a joke right? Sheckler?

  4. nacho says:

    i bet only chicks r going. all guys hate that *****

  5. tito says:

    although he sells out, he still rips, probably one of the best skaters right now, if you guys hate him so much why you guys click on this ad? peace

  6. jordan says:

    yeah i agree if u hatin then why u clickin on this ad
    sheckler is a ***** sometimes but not always ya’ll just hate him cuz he gets ******* and can skate

  7. chris says:

    the guy on top of me is probably a girl whos on shecklers nuts arnt u sweety and so what if we hate u could no less about a real skater

  8. gus says:

    stop hatin on sheckler cuz he gets money and chicks and a tv show you all wana do the same by skateboarding so dont hate him apparciate him he a ripper and a beast

  9. Monica says:

    Awesome im going !

  10. Kamal says:

    Ryan Sheckler is the best sk8er alive some of u people just hate on him cause hes making way more money than u some of u people r just jealous of him he rips

  11. Kamal says:

    ryan sheckler iz the best sk8er alive

  12. PATRICK says:

    i hate sheckler he is g a y

  13. ElementFan8012 says:

    Ryan Sheckler is an awesome skater. People who hate him are *** holes.

  14. I Hate haterzzzzz says:

    Ok all of you guys who hate him are just jealous because he gets more money,more girls,more shows,more friends than you, And if he sucks so much why don’t we hear about you in shows, competetions, Skate mags, i mean if he sucks so bad why is he better than you at skating i bet you can’t win at the xgames,.He is one of the best skaters around now one skater i just hate so much Tony Hawk is such a ***,Pe@ce haterzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  15. bowlskater says:

    well i have to say i disagree with i hate haters tony hawk is not an a** if it were not for him alot of trick we take for granted would not be around today and as far as you name i hate haterz um need to pick a new name cuz you just proved your a hater as well so you must hate your self and thats sad and as far as saying sheckler is the best skater ever and best skater around today its not true theres way better than him like rodney mullen chris haslum daewon song nasa huston and danny way sheckler is just a over paid skater who whines every time some thing dont go his way i dont know who cryed more shecler on his show or the girls on the hills and as far as being in skate mags and winning comp i have done both i have been in skinnie zine and i have won many casl comps but enogh said

  16. Just a Skater says:

    You know, to all the people who are calling him gay and a ***, why? I mean, the dude’s got it all!!!! I mean, Backyard skatepark, REALLY rich, just won the gold in the X games, millions of girls, and, he Rips! So don’t hate. I mean the show isn’t the best but you don’t have to go after him. I’m pretty sure that you haters can’t skate half as good as Sheckler can. I bet if Mike Mo Capldi had a tv show, and he was trying to get a girlfriend, you would be all hyped and stuff, but if its sheckler trying to find a girl, it’s like, the dude is gay.

  17. alex says:

    yeah we all hate sheckler, so what? he’s a fagg0t. he’s a total sell out to skating and all it stands for. and anyone who likes him isn’t a real skater

  18. chris says:

    yeah i agrree with the guy above me you aint real skaters if u like sheckler hes a *** and sucks at skatingh i could take that guy out like nuthing no JOKE!!!

  19. Zulf says:

    The reason why people rip on him and pros don’t really accept him is because he isn’t afraid to sell out.

  20. arturo says:

    sheckler is awseome u guys hatin on one of the most famous and mest scaters

  21. gnar gnar says:

    why do people think sheckler is good? he cant even skate switch and does basic tricks hes a joke.

  22. jason says:

    why do people think sheckler is good? maybe cuz he can make tricks look steezy and huck himself down the biggest sets. most of us can’t even do this, that’s why sheckler’s respectable as a skater. and yes he can skate switch even though he doesn’t skate switch that much. how old are you guys? like 12 or something geez. quit hatin and go skate.

  23. Bryce F. says:

    sheckler is good most ppl think hes gay because he gave up street for contests in parks and stuff

  24. JCRA says:

    Long story short, Ryan Sheckler is just another good pro skater

  25. yo says:

    whatever he does its his own thing . when you become pro then do your own thing.

  26. Rene says:

    i think ryan is good only wen he wants to be maybe if he focuses more then maybe hill be the **** and yes he can suck sometimes thats why he needs to learn how to focus on his skaating then on other ****…..

  27. Rene says:

    evreryone that hates ryan are all faggetts there just mad cuz they cant do the tricks he does….all his haters go suck a **** and go skate lika poser does hahahaha

  28. makala says:

    ryan sheckler is so heart felt and i would love to date him cause i live in the exact same town as he does and he still doesnt notice me and hopefully that will change.from san clemente,its makala.piece,love,and not war.luv ya.

  29. DELANCIE says:

    people who say he is gay and ugly should check their gender scale and look in the mirror and shouldnt bag on him because you know you b****es know your jealous.you are all fukn losers and gay and real bick ass jerks who are stuped ********.Now i think i made my point

  30. whop dirty says:

    All of you kids are so god damn mindless.talking about haters and he’s a sellout.first off I don’t like sheckler.not because he has things goin for him but the fact that he has a lot of things going for him and he continues to be all emotional and go on about how bad his life is while mtv exploites his problems which aren’t problems in reality .he’s got money,girls,fame,tv show and a talent of killin it on the board.I don’t. Know him nor will I take the time to know him.my ending conclusion is that you kids have no intelect,start reading books instead of watching mtv.

  31. whop dirty says:

    And I know I spelled intellect wrong.

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