Girl Park Invitational 2010

Girl Park Invitational 2010 - Chase Webb representing with a goodness for Active Ride Shop at the 2010 Girl Park Invitational. Too many amazing people within skateboarding present, to even start to list. In and Out truck is customary and Churrrrrrrroooos are delicious!! Pretty sure the Girl/Choc camp rule by the use of dark magic, which makes everything they touch turn to gold… sign me up! Oh yeah, Chase got second… way to go lil champ!

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Frijoles Blancos Films is a video journal by Active’s TM Corey Cady (aka Frijoles Blancos) or “The White Beans”. He’s a skateboarding luchador who enjoys cute little things! At times he is a “Rudos”, but for the most part, he likes to consider himself a “Tecnicos”. He wears his heroes masks of old and often eats a ton of protein to keep his girlish light heavy weight frame intact! His inspirations are Woody Allen Films, Arnold (70’s), Leigh Bowery, Tommy Guerrero, Antony & the Johnsons, chicken breasts and Tamarindo Jarritos! Frijoles Blancos’ goal is to one day be worthy to dawn his own mask and not to be called, “Nacho” everywhere he goes… One day!


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  2. colin says:

    Awesome music choice. City and color is the ****.

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