Emerica Industry Profile

You know when you’re at school…or a rock n roll show, and there’s always that one dude, or group of dudes, that are way cooler then everyone else? And for some reason they’re always one step ahead of you…

That’s the way I feel about Emerica. Those dudes know what’s up.

So with all the hype and attention around Emerica and Stay Gold right now, we thought we’d talk to Timothy Nickloff, Emerica’s Brand Manager, and find out what’s really goin’ on over there…

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  1. Nicholas says:

    Im glad Emerica as come so far. STAY GOLD for ever!!!

  2. Lurker says:

    Is this video a subliminal message for the order of the riders that’s gonna be in the video?! Colin Provost has last part?

  3. sssssssssss says:

    I want Emerica to re-release the shifter!!!!

  4. Drake Elliott says:

    The premier last night was dopeee. AMAZING VIDEO! BUY IT! dont just be lame and download it or something, they busted their butts for this video haha

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