Catching up with Billy Marks

If you know Billy Marks, then you know he’s a gambling man. That’s actually how we became friends. We both play a lot of cards… and neither of us can resist the chance to win someone else’s hard earned money. Or lose our own… Anyways, I recently met up with Billy at a bowling alley by his house to see what he’s been up to. Maybe talk about getting on LRG, Street League, the Toy Machine demo and stuff like that…

I’m not sure how much it is to rent shoes and bowl a few games, maybe $20 bucks a person… but for some reason this little trip cost me almost $400 bucks!!

Next time, I’m making Active pay for it!

If you live in, or anywhere near Norco, be sure and join Billy and the whole damn Toy Machine team at Active for the 3rd Annual Toy Machine Halloween demo!! Sunday Oct. 31st at 2 pm.




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  1. WACK says:

    The toy vid sucked…Billy has a small **** and he’s a ***

  2. morgnar says:

    haters gonna hate…

  3. AndyRoyismyhero says:

    For a PROMO video Brainwash was SICK!!!!!!! Billy killed it too. switch 3flip lip…Recognize.

  4. GCust says:

    Tell Billy that Andrew and I will play him hockey for money.

    Take him out for sure.

  5. biters says:

    um how you gonna use catching up with when ccs has been running that phrase for a while

  6. GInger Bites says:

    Was it CCS or ESPN? I guess they are kinda one in the same now.


  7. siam says:


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